I love my new Shaun Samson shirt. Not just what you see. But what I see when wearing it

One of the biggest mistakes in dressing is to care only about what other people see.

Of course external perception is important.

I want to look nice for other people.

But it’s not the whole story.

I often think about this when I’m in Shaun Samson, because it gives me so much pleasure to wear his stuff.

This pleasure comes from what I see as I’m wearing it.

I’ve just got this amazing shirt from spring/summer 13.

Here’s what you’d see.


It’s of beautiful cut.

Here’s the sleeve.


The patchwork on the lower segment is based on Japanese monster trucks.

You can see in the pattern what looks like the smiley face of lights, bumper and numberplate.


All very jolly.

I’m sure people will have particular reactions when they see it, and I’m happy for them to have those reactions.

But what matters to me more is what I see when I’m wearing it.

I first realised it when I was stirring my porridge this morning.

And yes I know I need to clean my cooker.


It’s a pleasure for me to see that faded neon orange on the sleeve.

Here’s what I could see when I was watering my plants.

The hellebores still going strong, in bloom even though the grape hyacinths are up.


It gives me pleasure to look at my plants.

And it gives me pleasure to see the colour of the shirt in my field of vision.

Those are old KIDDA trackpants, by the way.

Here’s my view as I type this.


These are clothes that give the wearer pleasure.

Which I think actually all good clothing should do.

Wearing this shirt is enhancing my Monday.

A very good thing.

I also got an angry kitty T-shirt by Shaun, but I’ll save that for another time.