Mr Fernando Augusto Pacheco of Monocle is the Best Shorts Wearer In Britain 2013. Discuss

It is only April 25 and already we have a winner of the hotly contested crown Best Shorts Wearer in Britain 2013.

His name is Mr. Fernando Augusto Pacheco, and he is an employee of Monocle magazine.

He began this season’s commitment to the cropped leg on Tuesday with the following look, in shorts from American Apparel.


Fernando continued his 2013 shorts mission yesterday, also in American Apparel.

OMG look how neat the shelves are at Monocle HQ!


Fernando says his top yesterday was from “Brazilian brand Osklen – cream and very comfortable”.

Today’s shorts look is the most radical and fearless yet.

For Fernando is wearing new season Raf Simons short shorts with the split on the front thigh.



The top’s from Albam, by the way.

A close up of that slit, please.


Reporting live from the scene, our SHORTS CORRESPONDENT, who also provided the pictures, says that “the thigh split is very subtle and sits quite sternly together”.

Confession: I’ve been obsessing over these shorts for weeks. But have worried that shorts with a thigh split may look a little, um…

But they look amazing on our Best Shorts Wearer In Britain 2013!

Should I get those shorts?

Desperate for them.

Oh well.

Hey, let’s get some shorts secrets from our Best Shorts Wearer In Britain, Mr. Fernando Augusto Pacheco.

“I tend to wear short shorts with long sleeved T-shirts. I think it’s a nice combo.”

It is indeed!

“And maybe match them with white shoes. Yesterday I was wearing white desert boots, today I’m wearing white trainers.”

Does he have a shorts rule, like no-white-shoes-after-Labour-Day?

“My shorts rule (at least in England): if it’s sunny and with an average temperature during the day above 15C, it’s shorts all the way. And yes I do like to wear them as much as I can.”

Thank you, Fernando!

Officially the Best Shorts Wearer In Britain 2013!

Unless you know of any other candidates… tweet me @charlie_porter if so…

Oh and SHORTS CORRESPONDENT, what about the other men in the Monocle office?

Are they following Fernando’s lead?

Are they all wearing short shorts?

Please say yes…

“No other shorts pioneers here.”

Oh no!

“Apparently they’re all waiting a couple more weeks till they break out the calves.”


Break out the calves!