Especially for Sir Peter of Jensen, an update on the things vaguely presentable in my garden

At the V&A knees-up for the Club To Catwalk show last night, I bumped into Sir Peter of Jensen.

And, as you do at an exhibition about that revels in hedonism, we talked about gardening.

He asked why I’d not posted pictures from my garden recently.

So, for Peter, here are some pics.

To be honest, there’s not been much to write about recently.

The dour days of the first half of the year made the garden a dull place, and I’ve been away loads too.

But I’m officially here now forever.

And anyway, my garden is pretty loaded towards second-half of year plants.

Like this eupatorium, which is about to do what it does.


I’ve become obsessed with thalictrum.

Which, like eupatorium, fulfills my plant criteria of being lanky and a bit frothy on top.

Like this one.


Or this one.


Or this one.


The rose bush that sits alongside the street is going mental.

Love it when I see passers-by nick a flower or two when they walk past.

They always look so sheepish.

I love that they get something nice.


This weekend just gone was the first time I’d properly gardened for ages, and I filled in a few gaps with new plants.

Bought from Columbia Road, obviously.

Like this darker cosmos.


And some sweet little Felicia, one of my favourite plants (it’s there next to a newly planted daffier cosmos, which will hopefully grow huge soon).


There’s a lot that’s on the verge.

Like the hollyhocks.


Or this passion flower bud.


Or the sedum, the flowers of which will soon be raspberry red.


Obviously loads of the rest of it is a right state.


Updates to follow!

I promise, Peter!