At the LCF MA show, I was greatly impressed by the work of Daniel Yuste. Some pics…

I’ve just been to the London College of Fashion MA show – super tight, super well edited, and also a super good balance between women’s and men’s.

I was greatly impressed by the work of Daniel Yuste.

He showed pieces in colourblocked neoprene.

Usually a sweatshirt and trousers.

Or a zip up jacket and trousers.

I went backstage after to take some pics.

(It was carnage so they’re a bit shonky even by my usual standard)

Here’s a jacket.


Aside from it all being super well made and convincing in its intent, it was particularly good because of its trousers.

Whatever the show I’m at, I always look at the trousers.

You wouldn’t believe the number of times I see a show and the trousers are like an afterthought.

I don’t just mean graduate shows.

I mean proper big billion dollar businesses.

The crotch is weak.

Too much cloth around the backside.

No sense of how the cloth could or should sit around the body.

It’s like many menswear designers are embarrassed to make good trousers.

Daniel’s were all excellent, and looked as if he’d spent as much time on them as the tops.

Here’s a particularly strong pair.


I went to say hello to Daniel, and told him what I thought about his trousers.

He said, what you mean the pair at the end?

I couldn’t actually remember which were the pair at the end.

I told him no, not any specific pair. His trousers in general.

It was such good work.

Another of his jackets.


A top that’s too big for its hanger.


I think that’s enough shonky attempts to do photography.

It’s the Central Saint Martin’s MA tonight – I can’t make it, but will be scouring through the pics this weekend…