In January 2004, Veronique Branquinho staged a Twin Peaks tribute. Red Room et al. Amazing

Cannot cope with there being a new Twin Peaks series in 2016.

All directed by Lynch.

Not just the odd episode, as with the original.

Obviously going to need to find a way of coping.

Probably will cope by watching it over and over.

I was thinking last night – didn’t Veronique Branquinho once do a fashion show based on Twin Peaks?

It took me ages to find anything on it.

And then I found it.

It was her menswear presentation for Autumn/Winter 2004.

Held at Pitti.

I was at The Guardian at the time, and I think had only just started doing the menswear shows.

Or was about to start.

Either way, we never went to Pitti.

And so I’d have never seen it.

I remember hearing about it.

It sounded incredible.

She recreated The Red Room.


The show was a presentation.

A female model there to create tension – a stand-in for Laura Palmer.

And then her men came out.


So few images exist of it online, and the ones that do are put as copyright Alasdair McLellan.

Who must have been there, taking images.

I so remember that long, long double breasted coat.

The final line-up.


Back then, Veronique Branquinho’s menswear was SO GOOD.

She had such control of the garments.

The slightest slight flare in the trousers.

Those jackets that are just a little bit off.

Such important work.

Video footage of the show exists Pitti’s own pages – I can’t find the code to nick it.

I’ve just posted some of it over on Instagram…

But you can see the whole thing by clicking here etcetcetc

The things you find by clicking around.

An interview with the cast on Donahue.

Look at Mike’s jacket.

James, Donna and Maddy singing Just You And I.

This song used to do me in.

I think Bob turned up pretty soon after.

I could go on.

And probably will.