The new Channa Horowitz show at Raven Row is extraordinary, meditative, thrilling. Some pics

A new show by Channa Horowitz opens today at Raven Row.

Her work is totally new to me, and it is extraordinary.

She used the same basic rules throughout her life – the use of the circle and the square, the numbers one to eight – through which she felt reality could be expressed. 

It is not abstraction for the sake of it, but the pursuit of thought and order.

Horowitz, a Los Angeles-born artist, existed on the periphery of the art world throughout her life, from her first works in the early sixties to her death in 2013. 

Some of her works at the Raven Row show, her first solo institutional exhibition. 

Circle in Square or Square in Circle, 1968.

Circle on a Cube, 1965.

Black and White Circle and Square with Box and Shadow, 1960.


Double Square, 2005.


Canon IV, variation No.2, 1981.


8 Designs for Canon, 1982.

I didn’t get the name of this next one.

Look at that work, all by hand.


Sonakinatography, Composition XX, 1991.

Another the name of which I didn’t get.

 I’ll post on Instagram a video of this performance piece projected onto a ball – again, I didn’t catch it’s name – I was fantastically professional last night.


A total palette cleanser.

And a total inspiration for making work of sincerity outside of the norm.

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