The final showdown at the Dog Fancy Dress – the winner is revealed…

It all reached a crescendo at the Nelson’s Head Dog Fancy Dress Extravaganza with the late arrival of Priscilla the poodle.

She took to the dogwalk after a shy Ewok asked to leave the competition.

Priscilla was AMAZING!

Even though her owner said it was inspired by Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, the judges felt it was actually much more Louise Gray S/S11.


There were four prizes.

In fourth place, highly commended by the judges, was Coco as George and the Dragon.

In third place was Dig the Boston Terrier as a Jean Paul Gaultier sailor.

Here’s Dig’s turn on the dogwalk.

Dig’s handler said it was the proudest moment of his life.

And in second place… was…


With the eyebrows.

And the winner…


A dog who actually seemed happy to wear her outfit!

She kept it on forever!

Here’s Priscilla with head judge Dame Lulu Kennedy MBE, and Priscilla’s prize of an exclusive piece of dog costume jewellery.

Though the competition was officially over, the dogs kept on showing off their looks.

Here’s a dog in a French maid’s outfit.

There were so many dogs there, promenading in their finest.

Do you want to have your photo taken properly?